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P a u l  T s a h u r i d i s

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Frauenarztpraxis Paul Tsahuridis
Frauenarztpraxis Paul Tsahuridis


Pavlos Tsachouridis was born and raised in Greece. He studied medicine at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and his thesis was in the field of surgery.

He was sworn in on April 15, 1977.

In early 1978 he began his post degree studies in surgery in Stolzenau (Lower Saxony) and then continued it in Bielefeld where from 1980 he changed branch and continued in gynaecology-obstetrics.

At the beginning of 1986 his specialty in gynaecology obstetrics was recognized and in the same year he opened a gynaecology clinic in the centre of Hanover. At the same time he undertook gynaecological procedures at the Bertaklinik Hannover clinic. In 2000, he took on the management of the clinic. From the year 2006 he continued operations at another hospital in the city (DRK-Krankenhaus Clementinenhaus).

At the end of 2013 he stopped working in the insurance funded system and opened a private practice, offering surgical procedures, at the Aestetic Clinic MED in Hanover.

In this clinic he took on the role of the management of the gynaecological department.

In 2018 he retired and no longer works.

With this opportunity he thanks all his clients for their trust and wishes them health in the future.

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